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Consulting that Makes a Difference!

We all know the joke: What's a Consultant?  A guy who borrows your watch to tell you what time it is! Sadly, there's a fair amount of truth in that stereotype. 

Many consultants see their role as telling, and perhaps there is a time for that.  But the fundamental skill of a consultant is listening, and that's what Frank brings to his role as a consultant to executives in companies large and small. 

He listens to your problems, certainly.  But he also listens to your hopes and your dreams--to your aspirations for yourself and for your company.  He listens to your concerns and issues--to the things that could block you and your company from winding up in the place you most want to be. 

And then together--because it's your company, not Frank's--the two of you come to some understanding of the best way to move forward, the best course of action to take. 

Being a senior executive--or a small business owner for that matter--can be a lonely job.  The future of your business unit is in your hands.  Employees (and their families) depend on you for their jobs.  Customers count on you as a valued supplier.  Your work matters--in a real and concrete way.

You need a partner, a sounding board, a confidante who knows how to keep a confidence.  Frank's your man. Click Contact Frank, and drop him a note.  You'll be glad you did!




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