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So What About This "God Stuff"?









Frank McNair and his wife Laura



I do not think you can understand life (or even stand life, for that matter!) without some acknowledgement of--and appreciation for--the Divine. 

Why, for instance, live an ethical life if there is no God?  Why not just live by the old credo whoever dies with the most toys wins? Why take care of the poor, why live out of a service ethic, why give away your goods and your life if there is no God of love to whom we are responding?

Nope, I cannot understand life or myself without a belief in some immanent/transcendent Other. I believe--as Gerard Manley Hopkins wrote--that "The world is charged with the Grandeur of God." 

Carl Jung was asked late in his life if he believed in God.  He responded, "I don't believe in God. I know there is a God." I join Jung in this view. I cannot say for sure what shape God holds--different traditions offer many different answers to this question--but I know there is a God. 

I do believe that--in God's essence--God is love. It may be the gentle love of a parent for an infant. It may be the fierce love--the refiner's fire--that we read about in scripture. But, in the end, God is pure love. And the love of God impels us to wholeness.

This belief is the most important thing you can know about me. Thanks for taking time to read it. Please click through to explore more about me and my work for (and with) the God of all creation. And pay attention to God--look for hints of the loving Creator in the world around you. They are all around if only we have eyes to see.

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